Office 365 and Intune Integration Services

3 PRO, as a Microsoft Partner with the most advanced Cloud Deployment status, is able to provide Office 365 and Intune integration services to organizations and institutions of all sizes – whether in the form of standalone Cloud systems, or in the Hybrid model.

As a standalone system, Office 365 and Intune are managed independently of your on-premises IT infrastructure, whereas in the Hybrid model they become an integral part of your organization’s system and function as a coherent whole. We are especially versed in, and focused on, Hybrid implementation scenarios, as they provide maximum flexibility and consistency in complex environments.

Office 365 allows your organization the use of technologies which have been, up to recently, reserved only for organizations that were ready to invest substantial resources into infrastructure, licenses, maintenance and other associated costs, and brings the most advanced and modern technologies in today’s IT industry within your grasp. Intune, at the same time, enables centralized monitoring and administration of devices in the organization, which is especially critical nowadays due to Bring Your Own Device trends and the ways various types of devices (computers, tablets, phones…) are used for business purposes.

3 PRO delivers Office 365 and Intune solutions in a turn-key model, based on your specific needs and your environment’s existing configuration. One-time migration of data from on-premises or hosted infrastructure to the Cloud can also be provided in the implementation phase. We also provide contiuned maintenance service for the entire delivered solution, whether it’s only the Cloud environment or the entire hybrid IT system.

Our experience with Microsoft Cloud technologies from the very beginning of their availability in the market, as well as our strategic commitment to the Cloud, make us a logical choice for your IT solutions. Feel free to contact us for more details.